IT Outsourcing (Maintenance Service)

IT Solution

Price start from 3,000 THB/Month.
Unlimited number of services. (In event of urgency)
Unlimited number of Remote computer repair and On-call support.
IT helpdesk support cover 8 hours per day. (Mon - Fri)

Service details

Sustain repair and maintain the computer in available condition.
In event of urgency, Unlimited number of service will be provided free of charges.
Unlimited number of Remote computer repair and On-call support.
After notification call, Our support staff will arrive at the required place within 3 – 6 hours.
Back up Data and E-mail before repairing the system.
Provide the Safe and secure database storage system.
Set up the server system necessary for company.
Build up the network and install the network gateway and firewall.
Build up the VPN Connection from headquarter to its branches or manufactures.
Give advice on workflow improvement through computer system in order to increase the work efficiency.

The Advantages of IT Outsourcing for your business.

If you’re planning your IT structure, you may be tempted to think that maintaining an in-house IT department for all technical support and services is the way to go. However, the advantages of outsourcing can be considerable.

Table 1: Comparison between IT Officer and IT Outsource

List In-house IT Support Hinet IT-Outsource
Salary 15,000 - 20,000 THB/Month Starting at 3,000 - 5,000 THB/Month
Bonus Approximately 1.5 - 2 months -
Social Security 750 THB/Month -
Accident Insurance 150 - 1,500 THB/People/Year -
Total (per year) 210,000 - 290,000 THB/Person Starting at 36,000 - 60,000 THB

Note :starting at 3,000 THB, Number of devices 1 - 25 devices /starting at 5,000 THB, Number of devices 81 - 100 devices

(1) No hidden costs

Business owner must be thinking that he can deal with IT problem by himself. This is a big mistake because you will drain your time and resources trying to fix your IT problem. Instead of investing your efforts in growing up your business.

If you only need a single computer, you might think that choosing In-house-IT support is the correct choice. But don’t remember to consider hidden costs because In-house IT support comes with numerous miscellaneous hidden and expensive more than IT Outsource such as Bonus, Welfare, Social security. (Table 1)

(2) Fixing IT problem & Specialiazation

Computer system maintenance is the important things to improve your business efficiency but IT Maintenance needs Technical IT support. Although your business has In-house IT support, it doesn’t mean your In-house IT can fixing all of the IT problem.

In-house IT support run a higher risk of becoming pigeonholed in their own bubble because your business had to change and evolve. IT Outsource have seen it all and can quickly adapt their service to match your business needs.

(3) Scalability

If you are planning to grow up your company, you must be prepared to scale up In-house IT supports but this is coming up with cost increase and often impractical with in-house IT teams that are often fixed in size and scope.

(4) Resource Optimization

If you are already to employing an IT expert for a different task in your business such as building apps, you need to consider their time and effort because you might be wasting their potential in doing other things in addition to IT support tasks.

By choosing IT Outsource help you to optimize your human resources, freezing your employees to do what they do the best.

(5) Reduce the risk of Cyberattack

Many small business owners believe that they are not target for hackers and don’t have the internal IT support staff for protect their security system from cyber attacks. However, this is exactly make them good targets.

Although your business does have a team of great technical talent, their skills are usually not used for managing cyber risk. They should be focusing on driving new solutions for business, not on cyber risk management. Choosing IT Outsourcing for improve and maintenance your cyber security, your business can focus on what it does best and leave the rest to a professional team.

"An IT partner’s best interest lies in helping your company grow and thrive. Their success lies in helping you become successful."