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  Tel. 02-2357745-9 (Automatic  5 lines)

Welcome To Hinet Computer        20 February 2019


           Hinet is the reliable company for maintaining your computers. With long-time experience and maintenance service provided for our current customer and also prepared working team, you can be assured of Hinet’s after-sale service. The comprehensive service will be provided by our service-mind team; supporting the computers of your office, installing the network and server, and providing the e-mail hosting service.

Computer System Maintenance Service

          Hinet Computer System Co., Ltd. offers the comprehensive services for computer system, including software and hardware, along with experience and working team. Customers currently served by Hinet are confirmatory base for quality and worthy charges of maintenance service. If any difficulties arising out of computer system delay or trouble your works or business, Hinet is pleased to serve you all of the following services;

- In event of urgency, unlimited number of services will be provided free of charges. 

- After notification call, our support staff(s) will arrive at the required place within 3-6 hours. 

- Make resolutions, for instances, against computer virus, network error.

- Back-up the data and e-mail before repairing the System.

- Provide the substitute computers and necessary equipments during reparation.

- Set up the server system necessary for company.

- Build up the network and install the Network Geteway Firewall

- Build up the virtual private network (VPN) from headquarter to its branches or manufacturers.

- Provide the safe and secure database storage system.

- Give advice on workflow improvement through computer system in order to increase the work efficiency.

Computer Repair

       Hinet has the expert team for computer repair that provides the expeditious and effective resolutions. In each computer repair, 1-2 hours will be taken. Before computer repair, the data will be backed-up. Our customer should not worry that the data will lose after Hinet mechanic’s computer reparation.

Further information Tel. 02-2357745-9 (Automatic 5 lines)

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Open: Mon-Fri 9.00-17.00 hrs.


Computer for Children Project

        Hinet Computer System Ltd., Part. has established a society-friendly project namely “Computer for Children Project”, for the purpose of sharing-out the computers to schools lacking in computer. Hinet Computer System Ltd., Part. perceives the importance of such problems, and therefore this Project is set-up.


Computer for Children Project 1 (2552)
Computer for Children Project 2 (2553)

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